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Behind the Camera

Behind the Camera
  • English:Behind the Camera
  • Korean: 뒷담화 : 감독이 미쳤어요
  • Release Date: 2013/02/28
  • Duration: 85分
Behind the scenes: The director is crazy. (Korean: 뒷담화 : 감독이 미쳤어요) is a movie.
The Korean release date is 2013-02-28. The running time is 85 minutes. “Actresses” Director Lee JeYeon depicts a real behind-the-scenes scene based on “remote production”
story. 14 actors are angry because of a crazy director. The real behind-the-scenes stories of these guys are revealed. Yoon YeoJung, Park Hee Soon, Kang HyeJeong, Oh
・Famous Korean actors such as Jung Se, Kim Min Hee, Kim Ok Bin, Ryu Deok Hwan, Lee Hani, Kim Nam Jin, Choi Hwa Jung, Kim C, Jung Eun Chae, E Som, etc.
I met. It was a shooting scene for director Lee's new advertising short film. However, the director who is required to be on set does not show up, and the actors hear shocking news. Director Lee is the first
, he suddenly headed to Hollywood to perform remotely using the Internet. When director Lee appeared through images on the internet, the actors, who had been half-hearted, were surprised.
I can't. Shooting has started, and without the director, the filming site is in a hurry... A scene where behind-the-scenes stories about Director Lee explode. As filming progresses, the actors' dissatisfaction only increases... .
The Korean film ``The Story Behind: The Director Crazy'' uses the Internet to realistically portray the story of a director who flies to Hollywood to film the world's first remotely directed film, and 14 actors who fall into chaos.
A pleasantly drawn work. Through her previous work, ``Actresses,'' Lee Jae-yo received acclaim in an unprecedented way by combining documentary and cinematic settings with the backdrop of photo shoots of six of Korea's best actresses.
Director N. ``Inside Story: The Director Has Gone Mad'' uses the unprecedented setting of ``remote production'' to develop a story that is even more vivid and bold than the previous work. Yoon YeoJung, Park Hee Soon, Kang Hae
With John, Oh Jung Se, Kim Min Hee, Kim Ok Bin, Ryu DeokHwan, Lee Hani, Kim Nam Jin, Choi Hwa Jung, Kim C, Jung Eun Chae, E Som, Kim Ki Bang.
The gathering of star actors from different generations and with various personalities, and their appearance alone stimulates anticipation.