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The Face Reader

The Face Reader
  • English:The Face Reader
  • Korean: 관상
  • Release Date: 2013/09/11
  • Duration: 142分
physiognomy (Korean: 관상) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2013-09-11. The running time is 142 minutes.
Will a genius sogo-viewer change the fate of Joseon? A period drama film with the theme of phase viewing.
Nae Kyung (Song Kang Ho) is a genius phase observer who can see everything about a person by looking at their face. Brother-in-law Peng-Hong (Cho JungSeok) and son Jin-Hyun (Lee Jung)
He was living in the mountains with Kim Hye Soo, a gisaeng, and at the suggestion of Kim Hye Soo, he went to Hanyang to see the people at Yonghon's gisaeng room. skillful view
When rumors spread in Hanyang that they are members of the same family, Nae-kyung receives orders from Kim Jong Seo (Baek YoonSik) and enters the palace. Lee Jung Jae is trying to commit rebellion.
Knowing this, he tries to change the dangerous fate of Korea. . The Korean movie ``Sangyoung'' is a work with the theme of phase viewing. Joseon's king's seat is in jeopardy, and a genius sympathizer who can see the future through his face changes the fate of Joseon.
The content is that they are trying to Physiognomy is the process of determining a person's fate, character, lifespan, etc. by looking at their facial features and appearance. It is believed that the antibacterial system was introduced to Korea during the Silla period and during the Goryeo and Joseon periods.
It was most popular in Japan and developed as physiognomy. And interest in physiognomy is not a thing of the past. Living in the 21st century, we still believe in and are influenced by physiognomy. good and bad aspects
Differentiate and strive for a good match. There's even plastic surgery. In this way, regardless of the era, the aspect of viewing is deeply connected to our lives. Starring Song Kang Ho, Lee Jung Jae, Baek Yoon
It features talented actors who are said to be the best casting in Korean movies, including Shik, Cho Jung Seok, Lee Jung Seok, and Kim Hye Soo. The Japanese title is ``Kansoushi''.

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