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The Suspect

The Suspect
  • English:The Suspect
  • Korean: 용의자
  • Release Date: 2013/12/24
  • Duration: 137分
suspect (Korean: 용의자) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2013-12-24. The running time is 137 minutes.
A Hot Topic work in which GongYoo takes on full-scale action for the first time and shows off his rough and masculine charm.
Ji Dong-cheol (GongYoo) is an elite special agent who defected to South Korea, abandoning his homeland and losing his family. His only goal is to find the person who killed his wife and daughter. follow his footsteps
Dong-chul, who has been living as a substitute driver, witnesses the murder of Chairman Park, the only person he was close to. Dong-chul, who had received the things left by Chairman Park before his death, is identified as a suspect.
He floats up to the surface and is chased by everyone. Even the hound Min Dae-ryong (Park Hee Soon), who chases the target without blood or tears, is brought in, and the siege is tightening.
It was Dong-cheol, but... . The Korean movie ``Suspect'' tells the story of Ji Dong-cheol, the most elite special agent who hunts down the person who killed his family while becoming everyone's target. Someone at the same time as being chased
A realistic and dynamic portrayal of one man's breathless sprint and extreme action as he pursues a man. Romante such as the Korean TV series “Coffee Prince 1st Store” and the movie “Searching for Kim Jong Wook”
Actor GongYoo has won the hearts of women by exuding a soft charm through his humorous comedy. Also, in ``Togani'' (2011), he attempted a new transformation with a heavy acting performance, and appeared on screen for the first time in two years.
I made a comeback to Lean. Taking on the challenge of full-scale action for the first time, he shows off his rough and masculine charm. The Japanese title is ``Suspect'' and it will be released in Japan on September 13, 2014.

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