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  • English:Gyeongju
  • Korean: 경주
  • Release Date: 2014/06/12
  • Duration: 145分
Gyeongju (Korean: 경주) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2014-06-12. The running time is 145 minutes.
Starring Park Hai Il & Shin Min A! A romantic story about a sinister 1 night and 2 days in Gyeongju
comedy. Park Hai Il, a professor at Peking University, visits South Korea for the first time in a long time after hearing the news of the funeral of his close friend Hyun (an older man).
Remembering this photo, he impulsively heads to Gyeongju. Choi Hyun visits a coffee shop with pillow paintings and meets the beautiful owner, Yoon Hee (Shin Min A). Didn't you see the pillow picture on her right away?
Choi Hyun asks as he is misunderstood as a pervert and leaves the coffee shop. Choi Hyun calls his past lover Yeo Jin (Yoon Jin Seo) and comes to Gyeongju. Unlike Choi Hyun, who is nostalgic,
Yeo-jin, who keeps looking worried, leaves immediately. Yoon-hee watches Choi-hyun visit the coffee shop again, and gradually becomes curious about the relationship between the two of them who decide to have a drink together.
A strange air current begins to flow... . The Korean movie ``Gyeongju'' follows the memories of a deceased friend and tells the story of Choi Hyun (Park Hai Il), the owner of a coffee shop (Shin Mi), who visited Gyeongju and happened to meet him.
The story begins when someone (Na) misunderstands him as a "weird guy." This is actress Shin Min A's first film return in five years. In addition, Park Hai Il, who played the role of a professor at Peking University, learned difficult Chinese skills.
He performed his lines with ease and received praise from the director.