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Prince Hours

Prince Hours
  • English:Prince Hours
  • Korean:궁S
  • Original Network: MBC(2007)
  • Aired: 2007/01/10 - 2007/03/15
Palace S (Korean: 궁S) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2007-01-10. The broadcast ended on 2007-03-15. The broadcasting station is MBC (2007).
SE7EN's first TV series appearance! A super hot topic TV series that gained popularity in season 1. The story depicts the story of a man who has lived an ordinary life without knowing that he inherited imperial bloodline. .
Top star SE7EN (Seven) will play the role of Lee Hoo, the main character of the Korean TV series "Gung S," and newcomer Her I Jae will play the role of SE7EN's partner, "Yang Seung Ni."
Ta. Her I Jae is a promising newcomer who has been attracting attention as a “post-Kim Tae Hee” since her debut. He is a talented candidate who passed the third screening out of 200 candidates and passed the final camera test.

The role of "Lee Joon", who competes with Lee Hoo for the throne, is played by Kang Doo, a member of the group The Jadu, and Park, who gained attention on SBS's "Tree of Heaven".
Shin-hye will play the role of Shin Se-ryong, the proud only daughter of an aristocratic family. Continuing from Season 1, this time's casting of all new faces has become a hot topic. Scheduled to be broadcast from January 2007.

“Gung S” is a cultural broadcasting Wednesday-Thursday miniseries that aired from January 10, 2007 to March 15, 2007. In the drama “Palace,” which aired in early 2006,
It is a sequel drama.