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The Last Princess

The Last Princess
  • English:The Last Princess
  • Korean: 덕혜옹주
  • Release Date: 2016/08/03
  • Duration: 127分
Princess Deokhye (Korean: 덕혜옹주) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2016-08-03. The running time is 127 minutes.
This work depicts the tragic life of King Deokhye, the princess of King Gojong of the Joseon Dynasty and Emperor Gojong of the Korean Empire.
During the Japanese colonial period, the young 13-year-old Deokhye (Yejin Song) is sent to study in Japan. Remembering my homeland every day
Park Hai Il, his childhood friend, appears before Tokue, who is still alive, and becomes involved in the plot to defect the British prince. .
The Korean movie ``Deokhye Old Master'' tells the tragic life of Deokhye Old Master, the princess of King Yi Dynasty and Emperor Gojong of the Korean Empire.
The work I drew. The film attracted attention as director Heo Jin-ho and Song Yejin have teamed up again since the movie ``Outing.'' In addition, the production cost of 1 billion U
It was also called a Hot Topic because of the investment of approximately 100 million yen.

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