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The Battleship Island

The Battleship Island
  • English:The Battleship Island
  • Korean: 군함도
  • Release Date: 2017/07/26
  • Duration: 132分
Battleship Island (Korean: 군함도) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2017-07-26. The running time is 132 minutes.
A Hot Topic work from the summer of 2017, set on Gunkanjima during the Japanese colonial period. 1945, Japanese colonial period.
Gang Ok (Hwang Jung Min), the band leader of the Gyeongseong Pando Hotel, and his only daughter Sohee (Kim Su An). And Jongno
) Koreans with different reasons, such as Chil-sung (So Ji Sub), a thug who ruled the area, and Mar-ryong (Lee Jong Hyun), who suffered all kinds of hardships under Japanese rule, are trying to earn money in Japan.
Deceived by the word "ru", he heads to Gunkanjima. However, the ship they boarded arrived at a "hellish island" where Koreans were forcibly conscripted and squeezed out as laborers.
The Koreans who were taken without even knowing English had to work 1,000 meters under the sea, facing the risk of gas explosions every day.
Must. Gang-ok manages to get himself in the mood for surveillance and does everything possible to protect his daughter So-hee, while Chil-sung and Mar-ryeong endure each painful day in their own way.
Ku. Meanwhile, as soon as the war is coming to an end, Moo-young (Song Joong Ki), an OSS agent belonging to the Liberation Army, infiltrates Gunkanjima with instructions to rescue key personnel of the independence movement.
As American bombing began throughout Japan and Japan seemed increasingly defeated, Japan closed the Koreans in mines to hide all the atrocities committed against them on Gunkanjima.
Trying to blow it up while it's stuck inside. Realizing this, Moo-young decides to escape from Gunkanjima with all the Koreans, including Gang-ok, Chil-sung, and Mar-ryeong. .
The Korean movie "Gunkanjima" takes place during the Japanese colonial period, when Koreans are fooled into going to Gunkanjima by the promise of making money, and they work together to form a plan to escape from Gunkanjima.
A story that can be told. Actors Hwang Jung Min, So Ji Sub, Song Joong Ki, Lee Jong Hyun, and Kim Su An will appear.
The performers expressed their hope for an early resolution of the comfort women issue at a production briefing session.
He appeared on stage wearing a "badge" on his chest, causing controversy in some quarters.

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