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1987: When the Day Comes

1987: When the Day Comes
  • English:1987: When the Day Comes
  • Korean: 1987
  • Release Date: 2017/12/27
  • Duration: 129分
1987 (Korean: 1987) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2017-12-27. The running time is 129 minutes.
The first new work from director "Phi" in 5 years! Concerning the incident that triggered the 1987 democracy struggle
story. In January 1987, a 22-year-old college student died while being investigated by the police. The police, under the leadership of Chief Park (Kim Yoon-seok), request that the body be cremated in order to destroy the evidence, but the body is not found dead.
Prosecutor Choi (Ha Jung Woo), who was on duty on the day of his death, refuses and insists on an autopsy. The police continue to make false statements that the death was a simple shock. However, the traces left at the scene and the autopsy
The results indicated that the death was due to torture, and reporter Lee HeeJun, who was covering the incident, reported that the death was ``death of suffocation during water torture.'' In response, Chief Park only detained two detectives, including Chief Cho (Park Hee Soon).
Let's try to reduce the incident. Meanwhile, prison guard Han Byung-young (Yoo Hae-jin), who learned the truth of the incident through Chief Cho, who was imprisoned in the prison, decides to convey the truth to his niece Yeon-hee (Ki).
He makes a dangerous request to Mu Tae Ri... . The Korean movie ``1987'' attempts to hide the truth about the ``Park Jong-chul torture and death incident'' that sparked the 1987 democratic uprising.
A story of people risking their lives and trying to find out the truth. This is the first full-scale industrial film to depict the June Democratic Uprising. Jang Ji from "Fai ~The Child Who Swallowed the Monster~"
This is director Yoon-hwan's return work after five years. Actors Kang Dong Won and Yeo Jin Goo make special appearances. The Japanese title is "1987, The Truth of a Struggle."