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  • English:Monstrum
  • Korean: 물괴
  • Release Date: 2018/09/12
  • Duration: 105分
Lump of water (Korean: 물괴) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2018-09-12. The running time is 105 minutes.
This work depicts the people who risked their lives to protect Korea, which was shrouded in fear after the appearance of a "mono no kai" with a plague.
In the 22nd year of the Chushu era, a gigantic monster appears and begins attacking the people. People who encountered monsters were brutally killed on the spot, or even if they survived, they contracted the plague and died in agony.
Hani Yang) is instantly enveloped in fear. Assuming that everything was a plot by the ruling government and bureaucrats to blame him, Jungjong invited Kim Myung Min, who had falsified his past funds, to the palace.
and organize a search party. Song Han (Kim In Kwon), who shared many years with Ng Gyeom, and his only daughter Myung (Girl's Day)
HYERI), and the propaganda officer (Choi Woo-shik) sent by the king will be with him.
Yoon Gyeom and the search party chasing after the monster soon come face to face with an unbelievable huge secret... .
The Korean movie ``Mononoke'' is set in the 22nd year of Jungjong (1527) when a ``Mononoke'' with an epidemic appears and a man lives to protect Korea, which is shrouded in fear.
A story depicting the desperate struggle of people who have lost their lives.

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