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Precious Family

Precious Family
  • English:Precious Family
  • Korean:부모님 전상서
  • Original Network: KBS(2005)
  • Aired: 2004/10/16 - 2005/06/05
parents' funeral (Korean: 부모님 전상서) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2004-10-16. The broadcast ends on 2005-06-05.
The broadcasting station is KBS (2005). A family TV series that featured many talented actors and achieved high viewer ratings. Vice Principal Ahn (Sung Ji) has missed the chance to be promoted to principal this fall.
Yeho)'s birthday. Ari goes to visit Vice Principal Ahn's house, which is Ji-hwan's home, because he doesn't have time to meet his father because it's his birthday, and on the way home after giving him a fruit basket, Ari takes a short break on his way home from work.
He answers Chi-hwan's call asking to meet. Meanwhile, Junho (Heo Junho) discovers that his daughter has a mistress due to a text message on his cell phone. Chance denies it to his young daughter, but... .
The Korean TV series ``Dear Parents'' is a popular TV series that achieved viewer ratings of over 30% in 2005. Even though it is a TV series that many children watch on their home TV series, there are scenes that contain obscene lines.
Although it is said that there were some hiccups and a series of complaints from viewers, it is a Hot Topic work that received great acclaim. The lead actors are Kim Heui Ae, who played the role of Ara's mother in "Snow Flower", and Kim Heui Ae, who played the role of Ara's mother in "Snow Flower", as well as Kim Heui Ae, who played the role of Ara's mother in "Snow Flower" and
Heo JUNHO of ``Jumong''.

《Parent's Sangseo》 is a weekend soap opera of the Korea Broadcasting Corporation that aired from October 16, 2004 to June 5, 2005.