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The Divine Fury

The Divine Fury
  • English:The Divine Fury
  • Korean: 사자
  • Release Date: 2019/07/31
  • Duration: 129分
lion (Korean: 사자) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2019-07-31. The running time is 129 minutes. Martial arts champion Young Hoo (Park Seo Jun) exorcises an evil spirit.
This work depicts the story of a priest who encounters Father Anne and confronts a powerful evil that is causing chaos in the world. . A martial arts champion who lost his father when he was young and has had nothing but distrust of society.
Park Seo Jun. One day, he finds a deep wound on the back of his hand, the cause of which is unknown, and heads to a place where he knows there is someone who can help him. Then an exorcist priest from the Vatican arrives.
He meets Father An Seong Ki and learns that his scarred hand has special powers and that there is evil that disrupts the world. Ahn goes in search of the black bishop Jishin (Woo DoHwan) who defeats evil with his powerful back.
I'll be doing it with the priest... . The Korean movie "The Messenger" is about young martial arts champion Young Hoo (Park Seo Jun) who meets Father Ahn, an exorcist priest, and discovers a powerful evil that is causing chaos in the world.
A work that depicts the situation in which people confront the situation.

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