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More Than Family

More Than Family
  • English:More Than Family
  • Korean: 애비규환
  • Release Date: 2020/11/12
  • Duration: 108分
Abby Gyu-hwan (Korean: 애비규환) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2020-11-12. The running time is 108 minutes.
KRYSTAL plays the role of a pregnant woman! A comic card that searches for the biological father who lost contact with him 15 years ago and the father of his unborn child who ran away from home.
Llama. Toil, a university student, became pregnant after falling in love with her younger boyfriend, Hofun. They even prepared a five-year plan after giving birth and announced their marriage, but all they got back was their parents' angry voices. And then “Hofun” went missing.
…. . The Korean movie ``Abygyu Hwan'' is a comical TV series in which Do Il, a five-month pregnant woman, searches for her biological father, with whom she lost contact 15 years ago, and the father of her unborn child, who ran away from home. What is KRYSTAL?
However, Shin Jae Whi plays Do Il, a college student who can handle things on his own, and Ho Hoon, her stupid but younger boyfriend who only relies on and adores her.
The title is based on the four-character idiom ``Abi Shoukan,'' which refers to a very gruesome situation that is unbearable to watch.
, a combination of the words ``ebi'', which means father.