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  • English:Lucifer
  • Korean:마왕
  • Original Network: KBS(2007)
  • Aired: 2017/03/21 - 2007/05/24
Devil (Korean: 마왕) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2017-03-21. The broadcast ended on 2007-05-24. The broadcasting station is KBS (2007).
Starring “Crown Prince” Joo Ji Hoon! A second revenge drama brought to you by the staff of ``Resurrection''. One day, a tarot card comes to Kang Soo (Uhm Tae Woong), a detective with a strong sense of justice.
The card arrives. A few days later, a lawyer at his father's company was murdered, and a card identical to the one that had been delivered to him was left at the crime scene. The phone call the victim made just before she died was from a bar association.
Joo Ji Hoon is an exemplary lawyer who is called the "angel of the world."However, behind his smile, he is a cold-hearted person who is willing to stage murders on his own.A tarot car serves as evidence.
Do's creator, Hae In (Shin Min A), uses his psychometric abilities to solve the truth of the incident, but... . The Korean TV series “The Demon King” is a revenge drama created by the staff of the TV series “Resurrection.”
. A Hot Topic work by Uhm Tae Woong, who starred in the same TV series, up-and-coming Joo Ji Hoon, who gained popularity for his role as the crown prince in "The Palace," and Shin Min A, who starred in "This Bastard's Love." psychometry (object)
Incorporating novel materials such as tarot cards and the psychic ability to read the residual thoughts of others from their bodies, the film depicts the delicate human psychology at the border between "good" and "evil" through a carefully crafted story.
I started it. Also pay attention to Joo Ji Hoon's passionate performance as an "angel" and "devil" and Shin Min A as a mysterious woman named Psychometer.

Demon King (魔王) means the following. Mawang means the king of heavenly demons in Buddhism. Demon King represents the devil or the leader of devils.
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