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  • English:Festival
  • Korean: 잔칫날
  • Release Date: 2020/12/02
  • Duration: 108分
gala day (Korean: 잔칫날) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2020-12-02. The running time is 108 minutes.
An unknown MC says he has to make people laugh at celebrations in order to raise money for his father's funeral.
A story of three days. Unknown MC Kyung-man (Ha Jun) is working on various events while caring for his father, who has been hospitalized for a long time, along with his younger sister Kyung-mi (So Ju Yeon).
However, when his father suddenly passes away, Kyung-man is forced to face the harsh reality of not having money for a funeral. Kyung goes to a local celebratory event to raise funds for the funeral without telling his sister.
Mann listens to the wishes of her 80-year-old mother, who lost her husband and no longer smiles, to make her laugh, and does her best to make that happen. Kyung-man, who has to laugh on the day when he wants to cry the most, is unexpected.
He gets caught up in an affair and ends up stuck. Meanwhile, Kyung-mi watches the funeral home alone, unable to make any decisions as her brother, who is the chief mourner, is absent, and can only hear the nagging from those around her... .
The Korean movie "Festival" is a three-day story about an unknown MC, Kyung-man, who has to make people laugh on the saddest day of the year in order to raise money for his father's funeral.