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We Go Together

We Go Together
  • English:We Go Together
  • Korean: 가치 캅시다
  • Release Date: 2021/10/28
  • Duration: 93分
Let's capture the value (Korean: 가치 캅시다) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2021-10-28. The running time is 93 minutes.
A solitary struggle drama about a "wealthy" man who attempts to join the U.S. Army in order to escape from "Hell Korea."
If you are a Korean man who can speak a little English, you can only apply once in your life.
KATUSA (Korean military assigned to US forces stationed in Korea). Here, in the hands of children from elite universities and wealthy families, is Joo Hye-jin, a late-year corporal who graduated from high school. Heji called in legend
Ng prepares the ``US military'' as a breakthrough to escape from South Korea, where all kinds of discrimination is widespread. . The movie ``Gachi Kapsida'' is popularly known as ``Hell Korea'' (a hellish economy,
The story depicts the lone struggle of a ``wealthy'' man who attempts to join the U.S. military in order to escape his social situation (a word used ironically to describe his social situation).
Director Cho Seung Woo-won based on his own experience as a KATUSA (South Korean military assigned to the US Forces in Korea).
A full-length work that is an expansion of the short story that I created. The movie title stutters the phrase "We Go Together," which symbolizes the U.S.-Korea alliance, or "Let's go together (katchikapsida)."
It's pronounced like this.