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Autumn in My Heart

Autumn in My Heart
  • English:Autumn in My Heart
  • Korean:가을동화
  • Original Network: KBS(2000)
  • Aired: 2000/09/18 - 2000/11/07
autumn fairy tale (Korean: 가을동화) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2000-09-18. The broadcast ended on 2000-11-07.
The broadcasting station is KBS (2000). The first installment of the Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter series from ``Winter Sonata'' director Yoon Seok-ho. .
Eun Seo (Seo Seung Heon) was living a happy life with her kind parents and younger sister Jun Seo (Song Seung Heon).
N Hye Kyo). Eun-seo's classmate, Shin-ae, is extremely jealous of her. In fact, these two had been confused at the hospital when they were promoted. And because of that fact, we both went to my parents' house.
To go back. Eun-seo's happy family is completely changed and she ends up living a new life with her poor and strict mother and delinquent brother. Meanwhile, Shin Hye becomes the daughter of the Yoon family and the whole family decides to move to America...
. Ten years later, Eun-seo, who was unable to attend university due to her difficult family life, is working at a hotel. . ``Autumn Fairy Tales'' is a sad and heartrending story set against the backdrop of beautiful autumn imagery. Won Bin, Song Soon
Also pay attention to the cast, including Hong and other handsome Korean actors, as well as Song Hye Kyo, who blossomed as a talented actress in the TV series "All In"! A huge hit TV series that recorded the highest viewership rating of 42% in South Korea.

《Autumn Fairy Tale》 is a Korean Broadcasting Corporation Monday-Tuesday miniseries that aired from September 18, 2000 to November 7, 2000, and was produced by PD Yoon Seok-ho's First Four Seasons.
It's a drama. This drama, which tells the tragic love story of Eun-seo and Jun-seo, who grew up like siblings, recorded an overwhelming viewership rating of around 40% when it aired.
As it showed off its spirit, it received a lot of attention from the public, and it was a work that instantly catapulted Song Hye-kyo, who had a strong image as a sitcom actress, into stardom. Also a novel (Oh Soo-yeon
It was also published as The Tree of Thought (刊), and dramas with four seasons as a motif, including 'Winter Sonata' starring Bae Yong-joon, which started the Korean Wave boom starting with this drama.
Production will be accelerated. Meanwhile, the writer who wrote the original draft of the work is Go Seon-hee, the writer of the SBS Monday-Tuesday miniseries "Angel's Wrath" at the same time.
When it became known, KBS belatedly acknowledged this fact and gave writer Ko Seon-hee posthumous approval for the use of the original draft and paid 5 million won in royalties for using the original draft during the broadcast.
In addition, Han Na-na, who is well known for her role as Shin Yu-mi in the work, received a casting offer for “Angel’s Wrath” prior to the work, but when the role was replaced,
I chose to break up with my agency (Media Dream), and in the process, Media Dream, my (Hannah) agency at the time, filed a violation of exclusive contract with the Seoul District Court on September 26, 2000.
For this reason, a lawsuit was filed for damages of 60 million won along with an application for an injunction banning her from appearing in the work in question (Autumn in My Heart), and perhaps because of this shock, Hanna Na withdrew after the work.
I quit acting. In addition, he was nominated for a drama at the 13th Korea Broadcasting Writers Awards held in December 2000, but was eliminated, and after many difficulties, SBS
《Deok-i》 was the final choice, and KBS received the honor of winning the first Korean Broadcast Writer Award for Drama in the 14th episode for the 1TV weekend historical drama 《Taejo Wang Geon》.
Kim Hyun-joo and Cha Tae-hyun, who played the role of Jeong Gwi-deok in Deok-i, were considered for the main characters in the work (Autumn Fairy Tale) and were selected for the 1st class of KBS Super Talent in 1995 (17th open recruitment).
Cha Tae-hyun, who was born in 2007, was able to return to KBS with the same channel's Monday-Tuesday miniseries "I Came to Find Flowers."