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You Are My Destiny

You Are My Destiny
  • English:You Are My Destiny
  • Korean:너는 내 운명
  • Original Network: KBS
  • Aired: 2008/05/05 - 2009/01/09
You're my Destiny (Korean: 너는 내 운명) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2008-05-05. The broadcast will end on 2009-01-09.
The broadcasting station is KBS. A popular TV series that won the hearts of viewers with high viewer ratings. Jang Sae-byuk (Yuna), who lost her eyesight in a firecracker accident, is waiting for a corneal transplant. Like that
One day, the cornea of Nayeon, the daughter of Taejin (Jang Young), who lost her life in a traffic accident, will be transplanted. Sae-byeok, who has no parents, is adopted by Tae-jin, who has lost his daughter, and starts a new life.
I decided to send it. Sae-byeok, who has been forced to live a difficult life as an orphan, gradually changes his fate... .
Korean TV Series "You Are My Destiny" is the most anticipated drama of the first half of 2008.
It is a work that attracted the attention of viewers as a drama and actually achieved high viewership ratings. Yuna, who strives to play the leading role, is active as a member of the popular female group <SNSD (Girls' Generation)>, while also becoming a full-fledged actress.
It became a Hot Topic.

You are my destiny. 《You Are My Destiny》 (2005) is a South Korean film. This film is directed by Park Jin-pyo and stars Hwang Jung-min and Jeon Do-yeon. <you
“My Destiny” is the OST of the above movie, and is a remake of “You Are My Sunshine” sung with the main characters, Hwang Jung-min and Jeon Do-yeon. "you are my
Destiny (2008) is a drama broadcast on KBS 1TV in South Korea. 《You Are My Destiny》 was broadcast on KBS 2TV in Korea in 2013.
It is a matchmaking audition program. The Rusted is the 4th studio album by Korean rock ballad band MC the Max, released in 2005.
This is a song included in Love. This is a digital album and song included in the album by Haha, a South Korean singer and movie star. 2006 on MBC in South Korea
This is the subtitle of the human documentary Love that was broadcast.