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  • English:Confession
  • Korean: 자백
  • Release Date: 2022/10/26
  • Duration: 105分
A confession (Korean: 자백) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2022-10-26. The running time is 105 minutes.
A promising businessman who becomes a suspect in a locked room murder case and a 10-win chance to prove his innocence.
A story about 0% lawyers putting together the pieces of a case. Yoo Min-ho (So Ji Sub) goes to a hotel after receiving a threat to expose his affair, but is attacked by someone and collapses. When I wake up, I'll be with you
Kim Se Hee (Nana) is dead, and there is no trace of him and Kim Se Hee in the room. Yoo Min-ho instantly became a suspect in a locked room murder case. He claims innocence, but all the evidence points to him.
is the culprit. Yoo Min-ho is branded a murder suspect by a successful businessman and is on the verge of losing everything.The only person who can save him is lawyer Yang Shin-hye (Kim Shin-hye).
Yunjin). Lawyer Yang Shin-hye, who will plead guilty or not guilty, says that in order to win this time as well, she has to reconstruct the case from the first moment Yoo Min-ho walked into the hotel.
vinegar. The two of them face each other in a snowy villa deep in the mountains, and one by one they begin to put together the pieces of the incident... . The Korean movie ``Confession'' is about Yoo Min-ho (Seoul), a promising businessman who becomes a suspect in a closed room murder case.
A story about Ji Sub (played by Ji Sub) and Yang Shin Hye (played by Kim Yun Jin), a lawyer with a 100% win rate who tries to prove his innocence, assembling the pieces of a hidden case.

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