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  • English:Fairy
  • Korean: 요정
  • Release Date: 2022/12/01
  • Duration: 79分
fairy (Korean: 요정) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2022-12-01. The running time is 79 minutes. A couple who each run a cafe meet a young man through an unexpected accident.
A fantasy in which a more mysterious fortune is brought to you. Ryu Hyeon Kyeong and Hocheol (Kim Zu Hun), who run a cafe in a certain town, fall into romance after a nervous battle.
They go straight and become husband and wife. Yeong-rang and Ho-cheol have decided to run separate stores for the remainder of their contract. The higher the store's profits, the higher the household order, and the lower the profit, the lower the household order.
A funny and strange competition ensues. One day, due to an unexpected accident, she meets a mysterious young man, Seok (Kim, SinB), and they end up spending time together. Seok started working at Hochul's cafe.
Then, the profit rate skyrockets, and Yong-ran, who is puzzled by such a situation, realizes that he can make a profit just by Seok's existence, so he engages in childish tactics... .
The Korean movie "Fairy" is a fantasy story in which a couple who run a cafe are brought mysterious luck by a young man they meet through an unexpected accident.