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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol
  • English:A Christmas Carol
  • Korean: 크리스마스 캐럴
  • Release Date: 2022/12/07
  • Duration: 131分
Christmas Carols (Korean: 크리스마스 캐럴) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2022-12-07. The running time is 131 minutes.
Jin Young (GOT7) plays two roles! An action thriller about a brother who enters a juvenile detention center to take revenge on his twin brother.
On Christmas morning, her twin brother Wol (Jin Young) is found dead. The incident ends as a simple accident.
Then, older brother Il (Jin Young) decides to take revenge and enters a juvenile detention center alone, relying on the voice he heard in his last phone call with Wol. There, the counselor Cho Sun-woo (Kim Young-mi), who was watching over his younger brother,
Song Hwan (Kim DongHwi), who is hiding a secret with the help of his father, Moon Ja-hoon (Song Geon Hee), who is trying to eliminate himself, and Han Hee-sang, a teacher who reigns with ruthless power.
Heo DongWon) plans a deadly battle against violence. . The Korean movie ``Christmas Carol'' is about a young boy who goes to a juvenile detention center to get revenge after his twin brother dies.
An action thriller in which a brutal confrontation takes place with fellow members of the hospital. Jin Young (GOT7) is playing the role of two twins.