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  • English:Phantom
  • Korean: 유령
  • Release Date: 2023/01/18
  • Duration: 133分
Ghost (Korean: 유령) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2023-01-18. The running time is 133 minutes. Sol Kyung Gu plays a Japanese police officer! A spa sent by anti-Japanese organizations
It depicts the unstoppable strategy of suspects suspected of being "ghosts" and real "ghosts." Gyoung Seon in 1933 during the Japanese colonial period. A “ghost” spy sent by an anti-Japanese organization is secretly
He is active in Kaito, the newly appointed guard captain, sets a trap to capture the "ghost" within the Joseon Governor-General's Office in order to prevent the organization's assassination of the governor.
The suspects, who do not speak English, are trapped in a remote hotel because they are suspected of being "ghosts."
The time allotted to the Governor-General's Office Communication Division supervisor Junji, cipher recorder Cha Kyung, parliamentary affairs secretary YURI Ko, code decipherer Jeon Gye-chan, and communication division staff member Baekho.
It's only one day. Suspicion and wariness deepen between the "ghosts" who must make it out alive, save their comrades, and successfully assassinate the governor, and those who want to return home safely...
. . The Korean movie "Ghost" is about a group of suspects who are suspected of being spies sent by an anti-Japanese organization to the Governor-General of Korea, and are trapped in a remote hotel.
A work that depicts a desperate struggle and the unstoppable strategy of a real "ghost."



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