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j-hope IN THE BOX

j-hope IN THE BOX
  • English:j-hope IN THE BOX
  • Korean: 제이홉인더박스
  • Release Date: 2023/02/17
  • Duration: 87分
J-Hope in the Box (Korean: 제이홉인더박스) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2023-02-17. The running time is 87 minutes.
A documentary that closely follows J-HOPE's solo project. We closely follow the production of J-HOPE's debut album, which has a strong presence as a world-famous artist.
Let's take a closer look at the path to completing BAM. . The movie ``j-hope IN THE BOX'' is based on J-Hope's solo debut album ``Jack In The Box'' released in July last year.
A documentary that takes a close look at the production of "The Box" and the path to completion of the album. Simultaneously released worldwide on Weverse & Disney+.


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