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  • English:Childe
  • Korean: 귀공자
  • Release Date: 2023/06/21
  • Duration: 118分
Scion (Korean: 귀공자) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2023-06-21. The running time is 118 minutes. Kim Seon Ho appears in a movie for the first time! “THE
A Korean action noir brought to you by the WITCH series production team. . "I've never missed a target." Moving from one illegal stadium to another in the Philippines
, Marcos Benjamin Lee (Kang TaeJu), a boxer who lives with his sick mother. He was heading to South Korea to meet his father, whom he had never met, in order to pay for his mother's surgery, when an unidentified man appeared in front of him.
“The Prince” (Kim Seon Ho) appears and starts chasing him. There is a nobleman who messes up the people around Marcos Benjamin Lee and chokes him, and a chaebol who pursues Marcos Benjamin Lee in order to take possession of his father's huge inheritance.
From Director 2nd Han (Kim Gang Woo) to Yoon Joo (Go Ara), a mysterious woman who coincidentally reunited with Marcos Benjamin Lee in Korea after the Philippines.
Each with a different purpose, they all come together in pursuit of a single target, and nothing happens.
Amid unpredictable chaos and madness, Marcos Benjamin Lee must face a shocking truth... . The Korean movie ``The Prince'' is about a boxer who moves from one illegal stadium to another in the Philippines.
This is an action piece in which a group of forces, each with a different purpose, including a man named "Aristocrat," appear and engage in a frantic chase.




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