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  • English:Secret
  • Korean:비밀
  • Original Network: MBC(2000)
  • Aired: 2000/09/13 - 2000/11/09
secret (Korean: 비밀) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2000-09-13. The broadcast ended on 2000-11-09. The broadcasting station is MBC (2000).
Kim Ha Neul and Ha Ji Won passionately play sisters who fight fiercely over work and love. Hee-jeong (Kim Ha Neul) dreams of becoming a designer while working at a small apparel shop.
person. Due to the sudden death of the owner, his son JUNHO (Ryu Si Won) becomes the new owner. These two were actually classmates in elementary school, and Hee-jung was Junho's first love. depend on
The two are attracted to each other, but Hee-jung's younger sister, Ha Ji Won, suddenly approaches JUNHO. Eventually, the two become lovers.
Myung-ae, a famous designer, is Hee-jung's biological mother. Newly born
She abandoned Hee-jung and her husband Jun-man to build her current position. One day, Ji-eun learns of the relationship between Hee-jung and Myung-ae and approaches Myung-ae. She lives with Myung-ae as her daughter in order to get promoted.
However, Myung-ae finds out that her real daughter is Hee-jung, not Ji-eun. . ``Secret'' is a work that depicts the world of women behind the glamor in a pleasant way. character
The target settings and character relationship diagrams are easy to understand, and I'm hooked on how easy they are to understand. Check out Ryu Si Won's makeover.

Secret refers to sharing information among a certain group of people. As few people as possible know,
It is hidden from people and not made public. Secret also means “unrevealed inner thoughts,” such as “secret of the universe.” synonymously
It is also called secret history, meaning history that has not been revealed to the world.