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Bread, Love and Dreams

Bread, Love and Dreams
  • English:Bread, Love and Dreams
  • Korean:제빵왕김탁구
  • Original Network: KBS(2010)
  • Aired: 2010/06/09 - 2010/09/16
Baker King Kim Takgu (Korean: 제빵왕김탁구) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2010-06-09. The broadcast ends on 2010-09-16.
The broadcasting station is KBS (2010). A highly rated TV series that depicts the growth process of a master baker based on a true story. Seo, wife of Koo Il-joon (Jung Kwang-ryul), chairman of Gosung Foods
・In-sook (Jung In-hwa) is unable to conceive a son to take over, and is treated coldly by her mother-in-law, Hong Yeo-sa (Jung HyeSeong).
She gets angry when she learns that she is pregnant with Goo Il Joon's child (Tak). Kim MiSoon (Jeon MiSeon) avoids Seo In Sook and runs away from the Go Sung family. A few months later, from Seo In Sook.
Han Seung-jae (Jung Sung-mo), who was ordered to find Kim Mi-Soon and kill her child, visits the place where Kim Mi-Soon is hiding and finds out about Kim Mi-Soon and Tak's body.
Danger approaches... . The Korean TV series ``Bread King Kim Tak-tak'' is a former TV series based on the true story of the person who nurtured the Korean baking industry in the 70s and 80s. The main character Kim Takku is a handsome man whose popularity is rapidly increasing.
Actor Yoon Si Yoon performs well. Co-stars include Jung Kwang-ryul, Lee YoungA, Eugene, and JooWon.