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Ojakgyo Family

Ojakgyo Family
  • English:Ojakgyo Family
  • Korean:오작교 형제들
  • Original Network: KBS(2011)
  • Aired: 2011/08/06 - 2012/02/19
Ojakgyo Brothers (Korean: 오작교 형제들) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2011-08-06. The broadcast will end on 2012-02-19.
The broadcasting station is KBS (2011). A family story that unfolds at Karasu Bridge Farm. During a meeting, Taebum (Ryu Su Young) tells team leader Sooyoung (
Touching the heart of Choi Jeong Yoon). Tae-beom goes to Tae-hee's (JooWon) police station to retrieve the item, and searches Tae-hee's desk to find something to write about. Taepil (Yeon WooJin)
She goes to counseling for her eldest son, Tae-shik (Jung Win), who is past his marriageable age and is single, ahead of his arranged marriage date, but Tae-shik, who goes to the arranged marriage ceremony, is disappointed as he cannot meet his soulmate again this time. On the other hand, business risks
When the time comes, In-ho (Lee Yong-ha) calls Chan-sik (Baek Il-sub) to receive the farm he has been renting to him for 10 years, but Chan-sik avoids In-ho's calls. Endurance
In-ho visits Chan-sik some time ago and tells him to put the farm up for sale, but Chan-sik feels sad because he can't tell his family that the farm is for rent. .
The Korean TV series "Brothers of Ojakyo Bridge" is about Baek, who suddenly appears in front of Hwang and his wife, their four children, and their families.
・The story of a family searching for happiness despite the twists and turns that unfolds at Jae-eun's Ozakkyo Farm. “A
FTER SCHOOL's Uee, and JooWon, who became a star in "Bread King Kim Takku," will play the role of Tae-hee, the third son of the four brothers, and JooWon will play the role of the brothers' passionate mother, who has become an indispensable part of the TV series.
Played by Kim Cha Ok.