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  • English:Standby
  • Korean:스탠바이
  • Original Network: MBC(2012年)
  • Aired: 2012/04/09 - 2012/10/05
standby (Korean: 스탠바이) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2012-04-09. The broadcast ends on 2012-10-05.
The broadcasting station is MBC (2012). The story of a reporter and a reporter who unfolds in the news bureau of a broadcasting station.
Ryu Jin, the timid man of the Korean national team, is called the humiliation of the Korean national team due to three broadcasting accidents he committed when he first joined the company.
A Naeun sir. Jin-haeng, who made another mistake worthy of a broadcasting accident on the only program he regularly appears on, ``Queen of Current Affairs,'' faces the threat of quitting the program. And before the final episode airs, with my beloved girlfriend.
In order to gain the approval of his girlfriend's son Siwan, Jin Heng takes a once-in-a-lifetime courage. Meanwhile, Somin, who moved to Tokyo from the countryside with the dream of becoming a chef, has 100 million won to study abroad.
In order to collect the money, I will work hard part-time today as well. However, strangely, he ends up getting involved with Ki Woo (Lee Ki Woo), who appears every time he has an embarrassing moment. . Korean TV Series “Standby”
"Stand-by" is a story about a reporter and an announcer that unfolds in the news station of a broadcasting station. Ryu Jin from ``Summer Kaori'' and ``Keijo Scandal'' is the main character of Naeun, who is timid and always makes mistakes.
He plays the character Ryu Jin Heng. The younger brother Ryu Ki-woo, who works as a variety producer at the same TV station as the main character's older brother, will be played by Lee Ki Woo of ``Handsome Ramen Shop'' and ``Ita
Somin, who stars in ``Zurana Kiss - Paysful Kiss,'' plays the role of Somin, who works hard to save up for studying abroad and is obsessed with money. Also, “ZE:A”
's Im Siwan will play the role of a handsome high school student admired by female students who is good at studying, exercising, and singing and dancing on par with idol singers.

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