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  • English:Big
  • Korean:빅
  • Original Network: MBC(2012年)
  • Aired: 2012/06/04 - 2012/07/24
big (Korean: 빅) is TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2012-06-04. The broadcast ends on 2012-07-24. The broadcasting station is MBC (2012).
A TV series starring GongYoo returns to the TV room for the first time in five years. Da-ran (Lee MIN JEONG) and Yoon-jae (GongYoo) met at a wedding hall and promised to get married, but when
Unlike Da Ran, Yoon Jae is calm. Kyung-joon (Shin Won-ho), who transferred from America to the school where Da-ran works as a teacher, bumps into Da-ran every now and then. .
He has written for the Korean TV series "Big", the SBS TV series "He's handsome, isn't he?", "My girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox", and the MBC TV series "The best love is dougun dougun".
A romantic comedy written by the Hong sisters, who had a huge hit with their TV series. GongYoo, who appears in a TV series for the first time in 5 years since "Coffee Prince 1st Store", is an 18-year-old adolescent.
He plays the main character, Seo Yoon-jae, who is a successful specialist in his 30s and has the soul of a young boy. Lee MIN JEONG plays Gil Da-ran, whose fiance Seo Yoon-jae turns into an 18-year-old boy.
is performed. The Japanese title is "Big ~Love is a Miracle~".

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