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The King of Dramas

The King of Dramas
  • English:The King of Dramas
  • Korean:드라마의 제왕
  • Original Network: SBS(2012)
  • Aired: 2012/11/05 - 2013/01/07
king of drama (Korean: 드라마의 제왕) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2012-11-05. The broadcast ends on 2013-01-07.
The broadcasting station is SBS (2012). Hot Topic's TV Series is Kim Myung Min's comeback work! .
Production representative Anthony Kim (Kim Myung Min)
) loses her precious ring and even loses her job as a representative while filming a live broadcast for a work she is producing. Three years later, when Anthony Kim gets a chance to make a comeback, he needs help.
He goes to visit Jung Ryeo Won, an assistant writer who has been buried since then. . The Korean TV series “Emperor of TV Series” will feature the representative of a veteran outsourced production company, a new writer, and a top domestic star actor.
A TV series production story unfolding. Kim Myung Min plays Anthony Kim, a big name in the TV series outsourcing industry who is willing to give up everything in order to succeed. Meeting with Anthony
Jung Ryeo Won plays the heroine, a new female writer whose life changes depending on her life. Choi Si Won of "SUPER JUNIOR" is the top Hallyu star in both name and reality
-Plays Hyun Min. This will be Kim Myung Min's first appearance in a TV series in four years since the 2008 MBC TV series ``Beethoven Virus - Symphony of Love and Passion.''

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