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Missing You

Missing You
  • English:Missing You
  • Korean:보고싶다
  • Original Network: MBC(2012)
  • Aired: 2012/11/07 - 2013/01/07
miss you (Korean: 보고싶다) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2012-11-07. The broadcast ends on 2013-01-07.
The broadcasting station is MBC (2012). A love story between a man and a woman who live with their sad first love in their hearts.
One night, Jung Woo (Park YUCHUN/Childhood: Yeo Jin Goo) returned to the country from the United States.
By chance, he meets a girl. A girl wearing a name tag that says "Lee Soo young" asks her again, asking if she doesn't know him. On a rainy day, I handed him a yellow umbrella, drenched in the rain.
The girl who did it for me. Jung-woo naturally becomes interested in Soo-young (Yoon Eun Hye/Childhood: Kim So-Hee). On the first day of his new school, Jung-woo visits the classroom to return his umbrella, and the students ask him to return it.
They hear that Yon is the most famous "murderer's daughter" in town... Before the shock wears off, he has to face Soo-young... .
The Korean TV series "I Want to Meet You" is an orthodox love story that depicts the pain and nostalgia of first love. A detective in a powerful squad.
The main character Han Jeong-woo, who lives with the pain of his first love, will be played by YUCHUN of JYJ, who has performed well in films such as ``Rooftop Prince.'' The heroine, Lee Soo, lives with the pain of first love just like the main character.
Yoon, played by Yoon Eun Hye from ``Try Liing to Me,'' returns to the theater for the first time in about 1 year and 5 months. In addition, the childhood of the main character Han Jeong-woo is based on the child actor Yo, who gained attention in ``The Moon Embracing the Sun.''
Played by Jingu.

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