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Pots of Gold

Pots of Gold
  • English:Pots of Gold
  • Korean:금 나와라 뚝딱
  • Original Network: MBC(2013)
  • Aired: 2013/04/06 - 2013/09/22
Come out with gold! (Korean: 금 나와라 뚝딱) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2013-04-06. The broadcast will end on 2013-09-22.
The broadcasting station is MBC (2013). A human TV series that satirizes the appearance and reality of the middle class. Mong Hee (Han Ji Hye) works as an accessory street vendor while dreaming of becoming a jewelry designer. Big
Despite the strange situation, Mong-hee, who continues to do business without giving up, buys a used truck, but when she learns that she has been scammed, she sets out to find the scammer. On the other hand, he is the eldest son of one of Japan's leading jewelry companies.
Hyun Soo (Yun Jyung Hoon) is in a marriage of convenience that began without love, but he and his wife Yuna (Han Ji Hye) try to live together comfortably. However, Yuna, who is just cold, ends up declaring divorce in front of her family.
But... . The Korean TV series ``Get the Money, Quick'' is a TV series that satirically depicts the appearance and reality of the middle class and unravels the meaning of marriage and family. A bright person who dreams of becoming a jewelry designer and runs a street vendor.
Han Ji Hye from the TV series "May Queen" plays Mong Hee, a lively woman. He is the eldest son of a large jewelry company who lives in loneliness due to his mother's absence and father's cold treatment.He meets Mong Hee and falls in a fateful love.
Hyun Soo is played by Yun Jyung Hoon. Han Ji Hye plays two roles in the same TV series: Mong-hee, a street vendor, and Yoon-ah, a noblewoman from a chaebol family. The Japanese title is "Money, come out! Concon."

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