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The Fugitive of Joseon

The Fugitive of Joseon
  • English:The Fugitive of Joseon
  • Korean:천명
  • Original Network: KBS(2013)
  • Aired: 2013/04/24 - 2013/06/27
Appointment (Korean: 천명) is a TV series. Broadcast starts on 2013-04-24. The broadcast ends on 2013-06-27.
The broadcasting station is KBS (2013). A story about a medical officer at a private clinic who is accused of false accusations for the sake of his daughter who suffers from an incurable disease.
Choi Won (Lee Dong Wook), the best playboy doctor at the hospital, pretends to be ill and steals the show, only focusing on treating his daughter Ran (Kim Yu-bin).
do. One day, Jungjong's condition becomes serious and the crown prince, Lee Ho, orders Won to treat the monarch, but Won refuses. Meanwhile, Queen Moonjeong and the Soyun faction plan to kill the crown prince with poison and ask Lee Ho's doctor to kill him.
He blackmails a certain Min Do-sen into adding poison to the crown prince's decoction. Meanwhile, Lee Ho needs someone to trust and rely on amidst the threat from the So Yun faction, so he orders Won to become the medical officer in charge of the East Palace.
, Won ignores the crown prince's orders. He then infiltrates the library in order to obtain the ``Golden Woman's Finger'' which contains a cure for the disease, but... .
Korean TV series ``Destiny: The Story of a Korean Fugitive'' is a false accusation of murder.
The film depicts the story of Choi Won, a medical officer at the Imperial Hospital (a government office that was in charge of medical matters in the imperial court during the Joseon Dynasty), who became a fugitive and fought alone to save his daughter who was suffering from an incurable disease. Lee Do
Ng-wook plays Choi Won, a medical officer at a hospital who was falsely accused. In this TV series, Lee Dong Wook will be taking on a historical drama for the first time.

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