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Prime Minister & I

Prime Minister & I
  • English:Prime Minister & I
  • Korean:총리와 나
  • Original Network: KBS(2013)
  • Aired: 2013/12/09 - 2014/02/04
The prime minister and I (Korean: 총리와 나) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2013-12-09.
The broadcast ends on 2014-02-04. The broadcasting station is KBS (2013).
A new mother joins the Prime Minister's family, which has 100 points for work and 0 points for childcare.
An unfolding love story! . Paparazzi reporter Nam Ta-jeong (Yuna from SNSD (Girls' Generation)) of Entertainment Report Scandal News goes undercover in disguise to photograph the secret love affair of idol Ruri.
While filming the kissing scene, Kwon Yul (Lee Bom Soo) suddenly appears in front of Ta Jung. Kwon Yul thinks that Ta Jung is taking a photo of himself, so he takes the camera away and deletes the photo.
Mau. Ta-jung regrets her first meeting with Kwon-yul without a follow-up, but the editor-in-chief shows Kwon-yul a photo of Kwon-yul, who was appointed prime minister, and Hae-ju, Kwon-yul's secretary general.
I ordered him to cover Love Affair Rumors by Chae Jung An. Ta-jeong goes to interview Kwon-yul, but this man is really troublesome and it won't be easy. In the end, Ta-jeong is cool
Thinking about how to interview near Nyul's house. Ta-jeong sees Kwon-yul's second and youngest son, Man-se (Lee Do Hyun), with Byeon Woo-jae, a reporter from the Koryo Ilbo political department.
As he chases away Ae and tries to take Man-se with him, he meets Kwon-yul. Kwon Yul, angry at Man-se's disappearance (?), insults Ta-jeong and disappears. The next day, a photo of the two of them became a scandal.
It will go out into the world as an article... . The Korean TV series ``The Prime Minister and I'' is a love story about a mother who comes to the family of the prime minister, who is perfect at work but not good at raising children. All EP17.
Kim Bum Soo will play the role of the Prime Minister, who gets 100 points for work but 0 points for childcare, while Ta Jung, a paparazzi reporter who ends up living with the Prime Minister's family, will be played by Yuna from SNSD (Girls' Generation). Also the secretary to the prime minister
The character is played by actress Chae Jung An. Yoon Si Yoon, who has played great roles in ``Bread King Kim Tak'' and ``The Handsome Man Next Door,'' plays Kang In, the head of the Prime Minister's Office who falls in love with Ta Jeong.

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