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I'm Sorry, I Love You

I'm Sorry, I Love You
  • English:I'm Sorry, I Love You
  • Korean:미안하다, 사랑한다
  • Original Network: KBS(2004)
  • Aired: 2004/11/08 - 2004/12/28
I am sorry I love you (Korean: 미안하다, 사랑한다) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2004-11-08.
The broadcast ended on December 28, 2004. The broadcasting station is KBS (2004). A masterpiece TV series that has created a fervent fan base known as “crocks.”
Cha Moo-hyuk was adopted as a child in Australia, but was also abandoned by his adoptive parents and grew up as a street child. Moo-hyuk returned to Korea and he
You will learn the facts surrounding his birth. From there, a fateful revenge story begins. On the other hand, Eun-chae has Yoon, whom she has always had feelings for. However, one day, the worst man appears in front of her. Yun
He is said to be the manager of He's selfish and has no respect for manners, and even though she's tired of it, she can't take her eyes off him. . ``Sorry, I Love You'' is a super hot topic work starring So Ji Sub. sad and sad
A love story. It is also a story that depicts the fate and suffering that a man and woman bear, the intense feelings of love they have for each other, and the power of love. So Ji Sub’s captivating “eye” acting and Lim Suzyung’s loveliness
Pay attention to that.

《I'm Sorry, I Love You》 is a Korean Broadcasting Corporation Monday-Tuesday miniseries that aired from November 8, 2004 to December 28, 2004.