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Hyoshim Family

Hyoshim Family
  • English:Hyoshim Family
  • Korean:효심이네 각자도생
  • Original Network: KBS(2023)
  • Aired: 2023/09/16 -
It's filial piety, each and every life (Korean: 효심이네 각자도생) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2023-09-16.
The broadcasting station is KBS (2023). A new work by screenwriter Jo Jung-seon, who wrote the popular work ``Sons of Sol Pharmacy''. Hyo Shim (Yui) goes to the fitness club today as well.
When he arrived to work, he was recognized for his honesty and ability and was promoted to team leader. The good news is short-lived, however, when Hyo-shim receives a phone call and goes to Go-sung to catch his mother who has done something wrong.
Meanwhile, Tae-ho (Ha Jun), who was studying in America, returns to Korea to search for his grandmother. . Korean TV series ``The Hyo-shim family's personal drawings'' is based on a naturally good personality and empathy.
This work depicts how the third daughter, who has dedicated herself to her family using her abilities, breaks away from the family and searches for an independent life. Actress Uee will play Lee Hyo Shim, a trainer at TS Fitness.
Actor Ha Jun plays Kang Tae-ho, the grandson of the founder of the large company Daesan Group. Actor Go Joo Won will play Kang Tae Min, the successor of the Taesan Group.
Actress Yoon Mi-ra will play Hyo-shim's mother Lee Sung-soon. Actor Nam Sung-jin will play Hyo-shim's older brother Lee Hyo-sung.
Actress Lim Ji-eun will play Hyosung's wife Yang Hee-joo. Actor Seol Jeong-hwan will play Hyo-shim's older brother Lee Hyo-joon.
Actor Kim Do Yeong will play Hyo Shim's younger brother Lee Hyo Do. Actress Lee Ga-young will play Lee Ruby, the daughter of Hyosung and Hee-joo.
Actor Lee Ju Woo-won will play Hyosung and Hee Joo's son Lee Philip. Actress Lee Hwi-hyang plays Tae-hee's mother Jang Suk-hyang.
Actor Noh Yong Guk will play Kang Jin Beom, the chairman of the Taesan Group and Sook Hyang's husband. Actress Kim Bi-joo will play Sook-hyang's daughter Kang Tae-hee.
Actress Nam Bo Ra plays Jung Mi Rim, an aspiring celebrity.

《Hyosim's Life, Each and every Life》 is a KBS 2TV weekend drama that is airing from September 16, 2023.


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