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Unpredictable Family

Unpredictable Family
  • English:Unpredictable Family
  • Korean:우당탕탕 패밀리
  • Original Network: KBS(2023)
  • Aired: 2023/09/19 -
Udangtangtang family (Korean: 우당탕탕 패밀리) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2023-09-19. The broadcasting station is KBS (2023).
A bright comedy about a couple who broke up 30 years ago, who are reunited by marriage through their children, resolve long-standing frictions, and become a true family. .
Jung-ae (Choi Soo-rin) has a rich husband and a son who is a popular movie director. We got divorced 30 years ago and are separated.
In order to find Tako, she decides to search for her ex-husband Dong-gu (Lee Jung-won). Meanwhile, Eun Sung (Nam Sang Ji), an aspiring actress, pursues her dreams while doing odd jobs at a theater company. .
The Korean TV series ``Slapstick Family'' is a cheerful story in which a couple who broke up 30 years ago become relatives through love for their children, reunite, resolve long-standing friction, and become a true family.
comedy. Actress Nam Sang Ji will play Yoo Eun Sung, Dong Gu and Choon Young's daughter. Actor Lee DO-GYEOM plays Jung-ae and Ki-seok's son Kang Sun-woo.
Actor Kang Da-bin plays Eun-sung's older brother Yoo Eun-hyuk. Actress Joo Sae-byuk will play Eun-sung's older sister Yoo Eun-ah.
Actress Lee HyunA will play Dal-young's daughter Shin HA YOUNG. Actor Lee Jung-won will play Yoo Dong-gu, Jung-ae's ex-husband and Chun-young's current husband.
Actress Kim Sung-kyung plays Dong-gu's current wife Go Choong-young. Actor Lee Dae-young will play Jung-ae's current husband Kang Ki-seok.
Actress Choi Soo-rin will play Shim Jeong-ae, Dong-gu's ex-wife and Ki-seok's current wife.

《Woodangtangtang Family》 is a KBS 1TV daily drama airing from September 18, 2023.


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