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  • English:Havana
  • Korean: 폭로
  • Release Date: 2023/09/20
  • Duration: 102分
expose (Korean: 폭로) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2023-09-20. The running time is 102 minutes.
Prove the innocence of a client arrested as a suspect in a murder case
At the same time, this is a crime thriller in which a defense attorney tries to find the real culprit, a defendant who repeatedly admits and denies the crime, and a third person who was present at the crime scene to uncover the true nature of the case. .
A man was brutally murdered with his nose and mouth covered with bond. Yuna (Yoo Da In), an actress and wife of the victim, was arrested as a strong suspect. A murder plan was written
The case seemed to be coming to an end with all the evidence, including the diary she kept and the insurance she paid for her husband, but when public defender Jeong-min (KANG MINHEE-hyuk) takes over the defense, Yuna denies the crime and gives a statement.
The incident then enters another phase... . The Korean movie ``Exposed'' is about a lawyer who is trying to prove the innocence of his client who was arrested as a suspect in a murder case, and at the same time trying to find the real culprit.
A crime thriller that follows the labyrinth of the case, with the defendant repeatedly admitting and denying it, and a third person present at the scene. Actress Yoo Da In plays Song Yun Ah, the wife of the defendant and victim.
Lawyer Lee Jung-min will be played by KANG MINHEE-Yuk (CNBLUE). Actress Gong Sang-ah will play Eun-joo.