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The Third Marriage

The Third Marriage
  • English:The Third Marriage
  • Korean:세 번째 결혼
  • Original Network: MBC(2023)
  • Aired: 2023/10/23 -
third marriage (Korean: 세 번째 결혼) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2023-10-23. The broadcasting station is MBC (2023).
A work depicting love and marriage that blooms in a turbulent truth game between a woman who lives a fabricated life and a woman who struggles to uncover and punish her lies.
The Korean TV series ``Third Marriage'' depicts the love and marriage that blooms in the turbulent game of truth between a woman who lives a fabricated life and a woman who struggles to expose the lie and punish her.
. Actress Oh Seung A will play Jeon Da-jeong, who works in the kitchen of the set meal restaurant Bobajeong. Actor Yoon Seon Woo will play Wang Yo-han, the head of Dream Foods and Chairman Wang's nephew.
Actress Yoon Hye-young will play Min Hae-il, Jae-guk's third wife and Da-jeong's mother. Actor Jung plays Jihoon's father Wang Jae-guk, who is the chairman of Dream Group.
Performed by Nomin. Actress Oh Se-young plays Kang Sae-ran, Da-jung's friend who runs a nail art shop. Da-jeong's husband Baek Sang-chul works in the food development department of Dream Foods.
is played by actor Moon Ji Hoo. Actor Park Young Woon will play Dream Foods team leader Wang Ji-hoon. Actress Lee Kang Hee will play Sang Chul's mother Han Mari.
Actor Ahn Nae-sang plays Da-jeong's father Shin Deok-soo. Actress Bang Hyo-jeong will play Yoon Bo-bae, the owner of the restaurant Bobajeong.

“Third Marriage” is an MBC daily drama airing from October 23, 2023.


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