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Soundtrack #2

Soundtrack #2
  • English:Soundtrack #2
  • Korean:사운드트랙#2
  • Original Network: Disney+(2023)
  • Aired: 2023/12/06 - 2023/12/20
Soundtrack #2 (Korean: 사운드트랙#2) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2023-12-06. The broadcast will end on 2023-12-20.
The broadcasting station is Disney+ (2023). Season 2 of "Soundtrack #1", which became a Hot Topic with Han Seo Hee and Park Hyung Sik.
Suho (Noh Sang-hyun) and Hyun-seo (Keum Sae Rok) have been dating for six years. Young & Rich CEO and piano house in crisis
I met him again as a garden teacher. Meanwhile, KEI (Song Jeong-hyuk) decides to work with Su-ho and offers Hyun-seo as a performer. A strange atmosphere flows between the three of them. There are various things
Suho and Hyunseo start dating again, but... . The Korean TV series ``Soundtrack #2'' is about a younger man who once again had a dream with his former lover, whom a piano tutor loved passionately and broke up with coldly.
This work depicts the romance that unfolds when people end up living in the same house together for a music project. Stream 2 EPs simultaneously in Japan and Korea on Disney+. All EP6.
Actress Keum Sae Rok plays Do Hyun-seo, a piano tutor who loves music but has had to give up on her dream.
Actor Noh Sang-hyun plays Ji Soo-ho, Hyun-seo's school sweetheart and CEO of Young & Rich who suffers from burnout.
. Actor Song Jeong-hyuk will play KEI, a singer-songwriter who appears in front of Hyun-seo and Suho. Actor Kwon Seung-woo plays Chang-sik, a colleague of Playing Studio's vice president Su-ho.



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