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Maestra: Strings of Truth

Maestra: Strings of Truth
  • English:Maestra: Strings of Truth
  • Korean:마에스트라
  • Original Network: tvN(2023)
  • Aired: 2023/12/09 - 2024/01/14
maestra (Korean: 마에스트라) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2023-12-09. The broadcast will end on 2024-01-14.
The broadcasting station is tvN (2023). "The Vow of Janggeum" The latest work in which Lee Youg Ae plays the conductor! Simultaneous STREAM on Disney+.
World-renowned conductor Lee Youg Ae will become the new full-time conductor of The Hangang Philharmonic. ``Orchestras just before disbanding'' from around the world are ``the best orchestras''
” Saeum. From the first day of her appointment, she shows off her charisma and tries to dominate the members, but the members rebel against her unilateral reforms... .
The Korean TV series "Maestra" is about Maestra, one of only 5% of female conductors in the world, a woman known as a genius or a legend who hides a secret.
A mystery where you discover the truth of the incident surrounding the orchestra. Based on the French TV series "Philharmonia". Simultaneous Japanese and Korean STREAM on Disney+.
Total EP12. His highest audience rating was 6.8% for Episode 12. Actress Lee Youg Ae will play Maestra Cha Sae Eum.
Actor Lee Mu Saeng will play Yoo Jeong-jae, chairman of UC Financial.
Actor Kim Young Jae plays composer and university professor Kim Pil.
Actress Hwang Boreum Byeol will play Lee Luna, the youngest musical director of the Hangang Philharmonic.
Actor Park Ho-sa plays Jeong Sand, the representative of “The Hangang Philharmonic”
Performed by N. Actor Yang Jun-mo will play Ma Yeo-seop, a timpani player and labor union chairman at ``The Hangang Philharmonic.''
'The Hangang Philharmonic' oboist Kim Bong-joo is played by actor Jin Ho-eun
is performed. Actor Lee Jung-yeol will play Park Jae-man, former orchestra director of ``The Hangang Philharmonic''. "The Hangang Philharmonic" horn player Lee Ah-jin is played by actress Lee ShiWon.
play. Actress Jin Seo Yeon will play Kwon Suzyon, the assistant orchestra director of the Hangang Philharmonic. Actor Kim Min-gyu will play Kim Tae-ho, Sae-um's secretary.
Actor Jeong Deung-hwan plays Cha Ki-baek, an instrument maker and father of Sae-eum. Former violinist and Sae Eum's mother Bae Jung Hwa is played by actress Ye Suzy.
Played by John. Actress Kim Young-ah will play Lee Hye-jung, the manager of the musical instrument company Sae-um and Sae-um's best friend. Actress Choi Yoon So plays Go Yoo-ra, KVN board member and Jeong-jae's former wife.



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