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Like Flowers in Sand

Like Flowers in Sand
  • English:Like Flowers in Sand
  • Korean:모래에도 꽃이 핀다
  • Original Network: ENA(2023)
  • Aired: 2023/12/20 - 2024/01/31
Flowers bloom even in the sand (Korean: 모래에도 꽃이 핀다) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2023-12-20.
The broadcast will end on 2024-01-31. The broadcasting station is ENA (2023). “Koisuru App Love”
A new Hot Topic by the director of "Alarm" Season 2, which will also be streamed simultaneously on Netflix.
Baekdu (Jang DongYoon) was once a prodigy of Ssireum, and is now a promising star in his 1st year. I got drunk from a glass of alcohol I accidentally drank at a class reunion, and this time
He declares that he will retire if he doesn't come out on top in the festival competition! Meanwhile, the body is discovered in a reservoir on the outskirts of town, and a suspicious woman wearing a red parasol appears and wanders around town... .
The Korean TV series ``Flowers Bloom Even on the Sand'' (all EP12) is a work depicting the romance that unfolds when a child prodigy from Ssireum reunites with his childhood friend.
Actor Jang Dong Yoon plays Kim Baek-du, a prodigy of Korean martial arts ssireum. Actress Lee Ju Myoung will play Oh Yoo Kyung, the head of the Gosan County Office Ssireum group management team.
Actor Yun Jong Seok plays the rich and unemployed Min Hyung Wook. Actress Kim Bo Ra plays the cafe manager Joo Mi Ran.
Actor Lee Jae Jung will play Kwak Jin-soo, a four-time winner of the Geumgang class under 90.0 kg.
Actor Lee Joo-sun will play Jo Seok-hee, a police officer in the Gosan district police force.



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