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My Happy End

My Happy End
  • English:My Happy End
  • Korean:나의 해피엔드
  • Original Network: TV CHOSUN(2023~)
  • Aired: 2023/12/30 -
my happy end (Korean: 나의 해피엔드) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2023-12-30. The broadcasting station is TV CHOSUN (from 2023).
The latest work from the director who worked on "30 but 17" and "Today's Webtoon"! Jang Nara & Sun HoJun became a Hot Topic when they appeared together as a couple for the first time in 6 years.
Jaewon (Jang Nara) is the representative of a furniture company that everyone recognizes and is an influencer with 1 million followers. One day, I was stalking you for a long time.
Jae-won's life begins to be threatened, including the basket of flowers sent by someone. Since then, Jae-wo has had to face the secrets of her husband, father, and co-workers, who have been a great source of strength for her, one by one.
N gets closer to the shocking truth... . A story of a woman's incredible struggle to face the "me" she had turned away from in order to regain her true happiness.
Influenza, who is the CEO of the lifestyle furniture brand "Drev" which generates sales of hundreds of billions of won every year, has achieved 1 million followers.
Enthusiast Seo Jae-won is played by actress Jang Nara, and freelance designer and industrial design professor Seo Jae-won's husband Heo Seung-young is played by actor Sun HoJun.
Actress So Yi Hyun plays Kwon Yoon-jin, an assistant professor at art school and a classmate of Seo Jae-won's art school.
The design executive team of ``Drev'', whose English name is Theo HYERI
Actor Lee Ki-taek will play the role of director Yoon Tae-oh.



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