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Night has come

Night has come
  • English:Night has come
  • Korean:밤이 되었습니다
  • Original Network: ウェブドラマ(2023)
  • Aired: 2023/12/04 - 2023/12/21
It's night (Korean: 밤이 되었습니다) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2023-12-04. The broadcast will end on 2023-12-21.
The broadcasting station is Web TV Series (2023). Amazon Prime
The latest work of Kim WooSeok, who is active as a solo artist after being a member of STREAM's "UP10TION" and "X1" in Video! .
When I arrived at my accommodation on a school trip, there were only 2nd and 3rd class students there. The homeroom teacher left to look for people in other classes. Even with Wi-Fi and a mobile phone
At a strange place to stay, a sudden announcement is made and he is forced to participate in a werewolf game... . The Korean TV series “It’s Night ~Werewolf Search~” is a forced introduction to a mysterious werewolf game that cannot be finished.
A mystery thriller that depicts the 2nd year and 3rd class of Yuill High School who have decided to participate in the event. Total EP12. Simultaneous STREAM on Amazon Prime Video.
Actress Lee Jae-in plays Lee Yoon-seo, a mystery lover. Actor Kim WooSeok will play Kim Jun Hee, a class representative for class 2 and 3.
Actress Choi Ye Bin will play Oh Jeong Won, who ranks first in the school. Actor Cha Woo Min plays Go Kyung Joon, the leader of a violent group.
Actor Ahn Ji-ho plays the bullied Jin Da-beom.
Actress Jeon So-ri will play Vice Class Representative Kim So-mi. Actor Song Byeong-geun will play the role of Im Eun-chan from the band.
Band member Nam Yeon Woo will be played by actor Hong Sung Pyo, and band member Baek Eun Ah will be played by actress Kim So Hee. Actor Park Yunho plays Heo Yul of the band.
Actress Park Joo Won will play Ahn Na Hee, who is adapting to the mafia game.
Actress Kang Seol will play Choi Mina, a member of the dance club.
Actress Kim Gyu-bin plays Lee Joo Young, a member of the dance club. Actor Bae Jae-young plays Kim Jin-ah, a member of a violent group.
Actor Park Sang-eun plays Shin Seung-bin, a member of a violent group.
Actor Oh Jung Taek will play Cha Yoo Jun, who is dating Jisoo.
Actress Jung Young-min plays Park Jisoo, who is dating YooJun.
Actor Seo Dong-hyun will play Park Woo-ram, whose hobby is filming and taking photos.
Actor Hong Min-ki plays Jang Hyun-ho of the sports club.
Actor Do Byung-hoon plays Kim Dong Hee-yeong of the sports club.
Actor Kim Min Seo plays the bullied Choi Joo Won.



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