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A Shop for Killers

A Shop for Killers
  • English:A Shop for Killers
  • Korean:킬러들의 쇼핑몰
  • Original Network: Disney+(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/01/17 -
Killers' shopping mall (Korean: 킬러들의 쇼핑몰) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2024-01-17.
The broadcasting station is Disney+ (2024). An action mystery in which a college student fights to survive when his life is targeted by a mysterious group of assassins.
Jee An (Kim Hye Jun), who has just entered university, is informed by the police that his uncle Jin Man (Lee Dong Wook) has committed suicide. JeeAn after my parents passed away
Her uncle, who was like a parent to her, was quiet and mysterious, but he was not the type of person who would attempt suicide. After the funeral, I suddenly received a message on my uncle's cell phone about a very large sum of money being transferred. in disbelief
When JeeAn visits his uncle's newly launched website, he discovers that although it is ostensibly a normal online shop, with the help of Paek Ji Bin, it has become a source code.
When I followed the code, I discovered an illegal site. A large amount of weapons were sold there... . Filmed based on Kang JIYEON's novel. Find a mysterious online shopping mall
An action mystery about JeeAn, a college student whose life is targeted one after another by a mysterious group of assassins. Simultaneous STREAM on Disney+.
Ji takes care of his niece while secretly running a suspicious shopping mall.
Actor Lee Dong Wook plays Yong Jin Man. Actress Kim Hye Jun plays Jeong JeeAn, who lost his parents and grew up with an unusual uncle.
Actor Seo Hyun Woo plays Lee Sung Jo, a sniper targeting JeeAn.
Actor Jo Han Sun plays Bale, who is the source of all the incidents due to his bad relationship with Jinman.
Actor Paek Ji Bin plays JeeAn's classmate Bae Jung Min. Actor Kim Min plays Pa Shin, JeeAn's Muay Thai master and Jin Man's colleague.
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