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Citizen of a Kind

Citizen of a Kind
  • English:Citizen of a Kind
  • Korean: 시민덕희
  • Release Date: 2024/01/24
  • Duration: 114分
Citizen Deokhee (Korean: 시민덕희) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2024-01-24. The running time is 114 minutes.
This work is based on a true story that took place in Hwaseong City in 2016, and is also Hot Topic as actor Kong Myung's return work after discharge! .
One day, Deok Hee (Ra Mi Ran), who has a maximum living ability level, was researching loan products due to a fire at a dry cleaning store.
They will call you and suggest you a reasonable loan product. Deok-hee sent the money to Agent Sung, who demanded various fees, saying it was necessary for the loan, but it was later revealed that the whole thing was a wire transfer fraud.
Do you get it. Deok-hee has lost all her assets and has become estranged from her children, but Deputy Song calls her again, this time asking for her help!
Even the police have given up on the case, but Deok-hee and his colleagues at work, each with their own special moves, are determined to rescue Deputy Song and recover the lost money.
Heading to Qingdao, China... . The Korean movie ``Citizen Deok-hee'' tells the story of Kim Seong-ja, the owner of a dry cleaning shop in Hwaseong City, Gyeonggi Province, who was caught in charge of a bank transfer scam and the entire organization in 2016.
A work based on a true story. Actress Ra Mi Ran plays the role of Dok Hee, a citizen with 200% propulsion. Actor Kong Myung plays Jae-min, a member of a wire fraud organization.
Actress Yeom Hye Ran plays Bong Rim, Deok Hee's colleague at work.
Actor Park plays Detective Park of the intelligence team, who is one step slower than Deok Hee when it comes to investigations and arrests.
Played by Byung Eun. Actress Jang YoonJu will play Sukja, who supports Deok Hee. Actor Lee Mu Saeng will play the role of the head of a Chinese bank transfer fraud organization.
Actress Ahn Eun Jin plays Bong Rim's younger sister Elim.