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Wonderful World

Wonderful World
  • English:Wonderful World
  • Korean:원더풀 월드
  • Original Network: MBC(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/03/01 - 2024/04/13
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Episode Review 2

Wonderful World (Korean: 원더풀 월드) is a TV Series. It starts airing on 2024-03-01. It ends airing on 2024-04-13.
The broadcasting station is MBC (2024). Disney+ will be simultaneously streaming Cha EUN WOO & Kim Nam Ju's human suspense drama PENG SOO, about two wounded people.
Soo-hyun (Kim Nam Ju), a professor of psychology and a famous writer, is plunged into despair when her young son is murdered.
When he finds out that the man is still at large, he takes revenge on his own hands and ends up in prison. Time passes, and even after he is released from prison, Suhyun, who is still struggling with the emotional wounds of his past, meets a man who has been hurt in the same way.
The Korean TV series "Wonderful World" (14 episodes) is about a professor who lost his beloved son and a mysterious young man who is scarred by his past.
A human suspense drama about two people who are in such pain. Disney+ Star is streaming simultaneously. Total 14 episodes. The highest viewership rating was 11.4% for episode 13.
Actress Kim Nam Ju plays Eun Soo Hyun, a psychology professor and famous author. Cha Eun Woo plays Kwon Sun-ryul, a mysterious young man with a painful past.
Actor Kim Gang Woo will play Kang Soo-ho, the husband of Eun Soo-hyun, the news director of Reporter From. Actor Han YURI, the owner of a select shop and Eun Soo-hyun's best friend, will play the role of
The role is played by actress Lim Se Mi.




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