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Midnight Photo Studio

Midnight Photo Studio
  • English:Midnight Photo Studio
  • Korean:야한사진관
  • Original Network: ENA(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/03/11 -
sexy photo studio (Korean: 야한사진관) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2024-03-11. The broadcasting station is ENA (2024).
Simultaneous STREAM on U-NEXT! A thrilling fantasy TV series created by the director of ``Love'' and actor Joo Won, who guarantees viewer ratings. .
A grumpy photographer who has inherited an inauspicious fate works with a special ghost staff to create the last memories customers want to capture.
I'll take a picture of you... . The Korean TV series ``Night Photo Studio'' (all EP16) is about a grumpy photographer and a hot-blooded lawyer at a photo studio that exists only for the dead, who visit customers on a chilling night.
A TV series that depicts a thrilling yet strange story that unfolds between life and death with Mr. Actor Joo Won will play Seo Ki-joo, a photographer and seventh-generation president of a night-time photo studio.
Actress Kwon Nara plays the role of hot-blooded lawyer Han Beom. Actor Yoo InSoo will play Go Seong-ho, a sales representative at a night photo studio.
Actor Eun Mun-seok plays Baek Nam-goo, who is in charge of miscellaneous work at a night photo studio in Detective From.
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