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  • English:Fanatic
  • Korean: 성덕
  • Release Date: 2022/09/28
  • Duration: 85分
Seongdeok (Korean: 성덕) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2022-09-28. The running time is 85 minutes.
One day, a ``pusher'' turns into a criminal... triggered by a sexual assault incident that occurred in the Korean entertainment industry.
Documentary produced. . Director Oh Se-young was an enthusiastic fan of a certain K-Pop star, and was one of the ``successful nerds'' who was recognized by his ``favorite'' and even co-starred with him on TV.
However, one day, that person is arrested as the perpetrator of a sex crime. She has become a ``fan of criminals'' and is struggling with the fact that it is difficult for her to accept this fact, and her friends who have gone through similar experiences...
I decided to talk to... . A documentary that focuses on fans whose ``favorites'' turned into criminals against the backdrop of a sexual assault case that shook the Korean entertainment industry.



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