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Blood Free

Blood Free
  • English:Blood Free
  • Korean:지배종
  • Original Network: Disney+(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/04/10 -
Dominant species (Korean: 지배종) is a TV Series that will begin airing on 2024-04-10. It will be broadcast on Disney+ (2024).
A Disney+ original series by Lee Soo Young, the screenwriter of the TV series "Secret Forest," and starring a star-studded cast including Joo Ji Hoon and Han Hyo Ju.
The Korean TV series "Dominant Species" is about the mysterious death and incident involving the CEO of BF, a biotechnology company that has pioneered a new era of artificial cultured meat, and a retired officer from the military who approached her intentionally.
A suspenseful thriller TV series about a man who is caught up in a mysterious plot and chases after the real person behind it. There are 10 episodes in total. Actor Joo Ji Hoon plays Woo Chae Eun, a bodyguard under the direct control of the CEO of BF Group.
Actress Han Hyo Ju plays Yoon Ja Yu, CEO of BF Group.
Actor Lee HeeJun plays Prime Minister Song Woo-jae.
Actor Lee Mu Saeng plays Ong San, a founding member of the BF Group and a doctor of physiology.
Actress Park Ji-Yeong plays Jeong Hae-deun, a lawyer and head of the planning department at BF Group.
Actor Kim Sang-ho plays Kim Shin, head of BF Group's Research Team 3. Actress Lee Seo plays Hong Sae-p, a designated researcher for BF Group's Research Team 3.



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