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The Midnight Romance in Hagwon

The Midnight Romance in Hagwon
  • English:The Midnight Romance in Hagwon
  • Korean:졸업
  • Original Network: tvN(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/05/11 -
Episode Review 1

Graduate (Korean: 졸업) is a TV series that will begin airing on 2024-05-11 on tvN (2024).
Simultaneous streaming on U-NEXT! The student from 10 years ago has returned as a man! A master-disciple romance between Jung Ryeo Won and Wi HaJun.
Jung Ryeo Won, a Korean language teacher who has established a strong position in Daechi-dong, stays up all night to protect the grades of the children...
Her quiet daily life is suddenly invaded by her first student, Junho (Wi HaJun), who throws away his employee ID from a major company and says he's going to devote his life to the Juku district...
The Korean TV series "Graduation" (total 16 episodes) is a compilation of the hit dramas that have been hot topics, such as "Pretty Sister Who Treats Me", "One Spring Night", and "Secret Meeting".
The new work by director Ahn Pan-seok, who created the masterpiece melodrama TV series. It will be the first in Japan to be broadcast exclusively on U-NEXT from 11:20 pm on May 11th (distributed every Saturday and Sunday).
(16 episodes total) The story of a secret relationship between veteran cram school teacher Seo Hye-jin (Jung Ryeo Won) and her rude student Lee Jun-ho (Wi Ha-Jun), who returns after 10 years and stirs up her heart.
A TV series depicting a sweet, real-life romance. A secret midnight romance that begins when the lights go out in Daechi-dong, the town of cram schools. The various stories of cram school teachers that we didn't know about are densely depicted.
It can be written.


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